YU packaging

YU is a brand that offers craft material kits. They believe that quality materials help people make fine products but that their materials are fine products themselves.


In order to clarify the aesthetics of the brand and to distinguish its products from the common market, I made a series of patterns for the design of the packaging by using their products, to showcase the premium quality of their materials. The clean, organized and colorful layers match the materials as well as target customers. The elements in the patterns are exactly what are in the boxes. When people are shopping, they can easily see what’s in the boxes through the imagery without reading text. In this case, pattern is both functional and decorative.

_MG_0137 good x.jpg
_MG_0146 good x.jpg
_MG_0105 good x.jpg
_MG_0120 good x.jpg
_MG_0148 x.jpg
_MG_0130 good x.jpg
_MG_0166 good x.jpg
_MG_0061 good x.jpg
_MG_0048 like x.jpg
pattern pattle.jpg